Isn’t there enough destruction & prosperity in this world to stop wars? #STOPNAGORNO-KARABAKHCONFLIT

“Ahura Mazda by its sovereignty will offer a better reward to those who progress in the path of constructive life. But the destroyers who do not work for the prosperity of this world will have an abominable end”. Gathas, Song XVI, Yasna, hat 51, “The Sublime Book of Zarathustra“.

This translation of the Gathas by Khosro Khazani Pardis evokes the context of political instability and corruption 3700 years ago where Zarathustra was attempting to bring an enlightened guidance and peace to the human kind.

In fact, in terms of political stability and peace not much as changed sine then. A couple of hours ago, in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh hostilities have resumed with an unprecedented scale. This is just unbelievable to imagine such type of irresponsible conflicts in today’s world.

Dominated on the one hand by destruction caused in today’s wars (Afghanistan, Yemen, Southern Sudan, RDC, Siryah, Irak, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia) and on the other hand by the COVID-19 and a dozen of other diseases and viruses killing people every day, surprisingly world has though never seen such a period of prosperity where, for example GAFA shareholders and CEOs, or some unknown world elite, double their multi-bullion-sized fortunes.

Are we living in a disguised Wild West?

The conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh is a perfect illustration of this paradox, this complete anemia of the world system dominated by both prosperity & destruction – a vicious cycle at the core of malicious strategies.

Nations fail because of this.

Indeed, prosperity is a key word to describe the trends in Azerbaijan where oil-based wealth has contributed to a massive remilitarization. Yet, destruction has followed when they launched offensive a couple of hours ago and have seen several dozens of their soldiers killed in just one day.

Why? What are they achieving by launching this offensive? Another geopolitical instability provoking Russia to intervene in the conflict and put the dots on the i’s ? Armenia has never asked for these hostilities and is not interested at all in any kind of conflict! In fact, Armenia has been evolving in the opposite direction – THE PEACE – particularly since the Velvet Revolution that took place in the Spring 2018 !

Where is justice ? Not only has the azeri regime been unfair towards Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenians, but also towards its own citizens suffering from the economic crisis, utter poverty, huge unemployment issues and unprecedented levels of tension and fear for their lives.

Where is Justice?

Ahura is asking for advice to the Justice : “Do you know a savior able to guide the oppressed earth to the happiness? If such a person exists, who is it? … […] and the Justice answers : “There is no such an authority in the world able to erase injustice. In fact, I know no one who protects the righteous against unfair ones. Shall such a person exist, I would carry on to help. […] “Do you know a guide or a teacher who’s wisdom is in harmony with the Justice? Isn’t the aim of the Creator to give you a life so you can be that very protector and the guardian of this world?”…

Formerly, the god Mazda was referring obviously to Zarathustra himself to be that savior. Today, as far as I know, we unfortunately don’t have such a person able to enlighten enough people’s minds, to calm down tensions and bring peace. Thus, I clearly see these sentences to be a universal call nowadays destined to us. May we hear it and understand it.

After listening today to a commentary of Anna Zakharova about the situation in Nagorno Karabakh, I could notice a pretty surprising comment made, suggesting a professional approach to handle this conflict rather than any emotional reaction (well, it sounds at least surprising for me). I understand this person has no other option than a diplomatic correctness, but today’s diplomacy has almost no chance avoiding conflicts as the so called professionalism infringes upon an “understanding heart” – a notion developed by Hannah Arendt.

This notion of “understanding heart” is more than ever up to date for all type of regional conflicts. One can never settle peace if any party wins at the detriment of another, but in the same time a peace would not exist if no one among parties starts thinking with an understanding heart!


Do we want a world of savage destruction where violence over populations is treated with just a “cold” professionalism and where modern states produce unprecedented levels of “hot money” – an irrational prosperity for a small minority who ignore even what kind of world they live in?

I call them to awareness, to support peace and to stop the vicious cycles of prosperity & destruction.

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